Whether you are a trader or wholesaler or any other business entrepreneur and looking for bulk quantity products, then choose us. Known for their durable products that have satisfied customers for years, the Tie Down Stocking Wave Cap takes into consideration the needs of its customers to ensure that they get everything that they are looking for. Unlike wave capes, durags are fabricated from robust materials and don’t get hampered after every wash. Most people who wear skinny jeans typically don’t wear durags. Although, our vision is to change the way you wear designer durag. A Silk designer durag that is professionally designed to give you a good fit, this Silk designer durag offers a comfortable and stylish solution for any kind of natural hair style you want to create. Pay attention to the details to make your silk durag purchase consistent with what you want. As we are one of the reputed manufacturers of durag, we can’t produce 1 pcs or 10 pcs product because during shipment you have to pay more transportation cost rather original products. One Arkansas woman definitely get’s more than an A for effort for her Valentine’s Day gift giving.

White silk Choose us to know more details. You know the old phrase, too much of a good thing is a bad thing? How much of a leader he is in the wide receiver room. These wave caps are light and breathable and provide the hair plenty of room to get rid of any sweat. Get the best product that will suit your needs. However, if you have high-porosity hairs, we recommend you go for a good quality satin durag like this one to get better results. One of those ways is the use of the scarf or the durags or one can say caps. Just click the Purchase Now button above for more details regarding this The New Silk-like Printed Strap Pirate Hat Ribbon Scarf Hat Hot Supply Silk Durag Bonnets For Women Designer Durags product. While you’re figuring it out, you may have headaches from tying your scarf too tightly, or you may wake up with the scarf on the floor if you don’t tie it tight enough. There are different colors, shape and size durags available in the market and you may choose any type of durag as per your need and requirement.

Such sources may include online forums, word-of-mouth, rating websites, buying guides, and product reviews. A good rule of thumb for buying a high-quality silky durag is to buy from a reputable brand at a moderate price. Should I Be Wearing a Silky Satin durag 24/7? Putting your hair into certain styles or wearing scrunchies can help to protect it but for some people these measures are uncomfortable and effect their sleep. Ive been putting my small fro in the durags that I used when I had waves but now its time for me to step it up lol. Grab our order now. In order to look good in a durag, you should at least know how to tie it, silk durag when to use it and when not to. I think flat brims just look stupid. She ranted: ‘I just think it’s unnecessary. A durag can be worn by both men and women of any race; after all, it’s just a fashion accessory that is designed to keep hair in place.

It’s simple design keeps your outfit popping. Its many colors will bring your outfit to life. Following your many comments about Durags and their short life span, but also about the lack of choice in the shops, we decided to create our own brand to guarantee not only a strict quality control of the material we work with, but also pieces made with the help of stylists to whom we discussed our concerns about the lack of originality of Durags. Silk: this is the perfect material for a durag but this can be very expensive. Some people prefer extra tightness with their durag. As you sleep at night many people with long hair are prone to have it tangling but a bonnet or silk pillow case will prevent those tangles. Their classic LV monogram appears on most of their products with many people opting to purchase their logo-heavy styles to showcase their purchase. We are continually improving our products.